ACCA4 ACCA Entry RequirementThinking About Doing ACCA? Don’t Forget To Get A Know How Of The ACCA Entry Requirement.

The peeking popularity of ACCA in the recent years makes this very probable that you may be thinking of taking up ACCA, probability after the advice of some good friend or an intelligent uncle. It is true that ACCA has succeeded as a business course and that it is as popular in the business industry as it is among students, but there are a few things you must know about before you take the leap of making your mind for ACCA. Among those things is ACCA Entry Requirement, and this article will guide you, in detail, about the course ACCA and the things you must know before enrolling for it, including the ACCA Entry Requirement.

Introduction To ACCA And ACCA Entry Requirement:

ACCA is a course developed by the largest global body of accountants, Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, which is meant for the development and improvement of the technical and ethical aptitude among prospective accountants, managers, financial analysts, financial officers and people in such positions. The course consists of a well developed and thoroughly laid out syllabus, which encompasses a wide range of financial knowledge, and this course, i.e. its knowledge and the skills which are expected to be gained by the students as a result of going through this course, are tested by various different examinations.

The whole syllabus of ACCA is divided into different modules, some of which are exempted by those having higher pre-qualifications than the minimum ACCA Entry Requirement. There are a total of 16 papers in the course, 9 of them are Fundamental (F) level and 7 of them are Professional (P) level. 2 of the Professional (P) level papers are optional so that one can clear his ACCA and be certified as an ACCA after clearing 14 papers. The papers in professional (p) group are tougher and more skill oriented than those in Fundamental (F) level, as the name suggests. Apart from clearing all these papers, one also needs to have a 3 year work experience to gain this ACCA certificate. The rigor of the ACCA course means that the ACCA Entry Requirement are slighty tougher than many other business, accounting, and finance courses.

ACCA Entry Requirement Explained:

Now, since we have got an overview of what ACCA is about and what are the main objectives of the ACCA course, we shall look to approach the ACCA Entry Requirement. If a person has a minimum qualification equivalent to any of the following, he becomes eligible for enrolling into any ACCA college for the ACCA program:

i- Two A-levels (Grade A-E i.e at least passed), Three GCSE (Grade A-C, passed with at least a C grade), in 5 different subjects, including Maths and English as necessary subjects,

ii- Graduation in Science/arts/humanities: BA/BSc./BCOM,

iii- Foundation in Accounting (FIA).

One must be at least done with one of these three things to be eligible for the ACCA program, because they are the minimum ACCA Entry Requirement.

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