ACCA BookACCA Book: Essential Tool To Enhance Your Skills.

The Association of chartered Certified Accountants or famously known as ACCA is a global organization of accountants around the world.

The organization was founded in 1904 with headquarters in London having its principal administrative office in Glasgow. It is one of the fast-growing and largest accountancy bodies comprised of about 147,000 members in 170 countries in 2010. Their 8,500 Approved Employers are dedicated to provide their employees with high standard skills and development. In connection with this, ACCA also accept students as their members. In fact they have about 424,000 members who are still students from prestigious schools from different parts of the world. In order to qualify and carry the title of being a Chartered Certified Accountant legally, you should have to pass the qualifying exam and for that ACCA book should be one of your weapons.

Equipping With The Right ACCA Book.

ACCA are continuously accepting applicants to become a member of their organization. Being a Chartered Certified Accountant gives you a high standard reputation in the field giving you lots of benefits and advantages in the market. Equipping yourself with the right knowledge using ACCA book before you take the qualifying exam will be a big help to be more competitive and enhance the quality of your learning abilities. ACCA materials such as ACCA Book are important if you want to become a member of the prestigious institution ACCA.

Here are some ACCA books which you can use to equip yourself with the right knowledge and become of the members of ACCA.

  • BPP suggests these ACCA Book but are not limited to – Accountant in Business, Audit and Assurance, Advanced Financial Management, Advance Performance Management, Advance Taxation 2009, Business Analysis, Corporate Reporting, Corporate and Business Law, Financial Reporting, and various other books. These are the books which are frequently used by students and professionals. You can acquire it in Waheed Book House which is available on the internet.
  • Amazon is also a good source of various products from large equipment to printed materials like books. Amazon offers ACCA Book such as these: ACCA Complete Text – F1 Accountant in Business by Kaplan Publishing, ACCA – F5 Performance Management: Study Text by Bpp Learning Media, ACCA – F7 Financial Reporting Int (Practice and Revision Kit) and various ACCA books from different publishers.
  • Kaplan Books which are also available in Waheed Book House includes Financial Accounting – FA, Audit and Assurance, Corporate Reporting, and Advance Audit Assurance.
  • CFE Books in Waheed Book House also offers Recording Financial Transaction, Maintaining Financial Record, Financial Reporting, Business Analysis, and Professional Accountant.

Online ACCA Book.

There online providers of ACCA book which is just one click away. Like for example when you order from, you’ll just have to wait for the product to be delivered right in front of your do.  ACCA E-books are also offered for online enthusiasts wherein contents are just the same as that of hardbound copy. You can access it from one of the providers like BPP, Kaplan and various other E-book providers concerning ACCA. There are just a lot of ways to acquire knowledge to pass the exam in ACCA. Asking tips from certified members might help in acquiring the best ACCA Book to pass the exam at ACCA and be a Chartered Certified Accountant.

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