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As in other parts of the world, the ACCA program is seeing new heights these days in Australia as well, where its popularity has been on the rise constantly in the past few years. In this short article, we shall discuss the aims and objectives of the ACCA program, and how far attending any of the ACCA colleges in Australia can help you achieve those aims and objectives. But the first and the foremost thing: what is ACCA.

What Is ACCA And What Is The Role Played By These ACCA Colleges In Australia?

ACCA is in fact the name of an internationally recognised and widely appraised body of accountants: Association of Certified Chartered Accountants. This body of accountants is responsible for all ACCA courses and examinations throughout the world. This body maintains the standards of these courses and keeps evaluating the ever changing needs of the financial community and adjusts its courses appropriately time and again. The ACCA colleges in Australia teach this syllabus set up by this official body. The aims and objectives defined for ACCA syllabus includes inscribing in the students all the important tools necessary for someone who aspires to become a corporate professional in the capacity of a financial analyst, a firm manager, an auditor or an accountant. ACCA’s popularity as a course is clearly indicated by the success of ACCA to impart these tools because ACCA personnels have proven highly technical, skilled and useful in their positions in the industry. ACCA’s popularity as a course means that a number of ACCA colleges in Australia have been set up in the recent years.

What Is Taught At These ACCA Colleges In Australia?

These ACCA colleges in Australia engage accounting, business, finance, and management’s teachers who provide their services to the students preparing to give ACCA exams. ACCA exams are held in different parts of years and students at different levels of knowledge and skills give different papers. The syllabus for ACCA has been divided into various sections. The two major sections of papers are fundamental (f) section, which consists of 9 papers, and professional (p) group, which consists of seven papers. Some of these papers are exempted to those having a certain degree of pre qualification. The Fundamental (f) section is further divided into papers which test the knowledge and skills of the test taker, while the professional (p) group, or the most tough ones, consist of three essential papers, and 4 option papers, out of which at least 2 must be given.

Take Care While Choosing Between These ACCA Colleges In Australia:

Before making a choice between these ACCA colleges in Australia, one must pay attention to numerous factors. These factors include the cost of the college, the exact location of the college, the quality fo education offered and any special programs given by the college. Some ACCA colleges in Australia offer both morning and evening programs so some of the students who prefer evening courses might be more inclined towards them. Then, you should order a form for ACCA and register at one of these ACCA colleges in Australia.

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