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If you have already decided in studying ACCA Qualification, you may register anytime throughout the year. The quickest and easiest way in applying is through online.

You may do this by using the link “Apply Now” on the left or right side of a web’s page. If you cannot go through online, you may need to pass a paper such as an application form in the school where you wanted to study.

ACCA Fees: Subscription Fees and Registration.

The ACCA fees below apply for a certain period of time and are subjected for change eventually without a definite written notice.

  • ACCA Qualification- £77.
  • Annual subscription- £77.
  • Re-registration fee- £77.

ACCA Fees: Examination Entry Fee.

Also, you can have your examinations anytime via online. If you do it more early, it can give you the chance to save your money. The examination fees for the early, late and standard entry fees can be seen below.

Examination Level Examination Entry
Examination Fee
December 2012
Examination Fee
June 2012
Knowledge (F1-F3) Late
Skills (F4-F9) Late
Professional (P1-P3 and two from any From P4-P7) Late

Subscription Fee For The Affiliate.

Your initial annual member or affiliate payment has to be made by January 1 following as to when you have received your final examination results. The members or affiliates are allowed in paying a member subscription for three years.

  • Permanent subscription- £197.
  • Subscription- £101.
  • Re-instalment- £47.
  • Admission to Membership Fee.
  • Affiliates being admitted as a member are tasked in making one-off expense for the admission into such membership. This fee will cover the administration that is involved in evaluating a membership application. It is then purely separated from the subscription fee.
  • Fee for the Annual Subscription.
  • Reduced Rate for Member – £47.
  • Member – £197.

Admission To ACCA Fee For Membership.

Payable on a successful admittance into membership – £197.

How To Pay For The ACCA Fees?

  • The payment may be made via online through a debit or credit card
  • It can also be through a MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Solo and AMEX.
  • A sterling valid cheque in the United Kingdom.
  • A sterling bank that is drawn on a bank in the United Kingdom.
  • If the charges arise from other mode of payment like a sterling cheque that is drawn by a bank outside United Kingdom, you will need to add an additional payment.

If there are countries wherein the foreign exchange is in forced controls, the affiliates are suggested to present a payment notification in advance to their banks prior to the payment in reaching its due date. When the ACCA fees payment is most likely to be late by the exchange controls, a proof of the local ACCA fees payments must be forwarded to the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

If you are to submit your ACCA fees payment via cheque or bank draft, you should ensure that the ACCA number of registration of yours is quoted at the back as reference.

Affiliates With An Account Bank In UK.

A Debit payment which is direct is available to those affiliates with a bank account in UK. If you are to pay via this method, the affiliates must complete then return the Mandate of the Direct Debit.

Whatever mode of ACCA fees payment you want is good for as long as it fits your convenience, just make sure that you do not forget paying for the ACCA fees.

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