ACCA P3 is also known as Business Analysis. This ACCA P3 subject belongs to the P series and lies in the third module of ACCA. An interesting subject offers insight to business related phenomena. The basic factors, which the course covers, are mentioned later in this article.

This is a manual. The course outline is mentioned below along with the important details.

ACCA P3- Syllabus Highlights.

The syllabus of ACCA P3 includes:

  • Strategic position.
  • Strategic actions.
  • Strategic choices.
  • Information technology.
  • Change in business process.
  • Project management.
  • Financial analysis.
  • And not to mention, people.

ACCA P3- Syllabus Details.

Strategic Position.
The purpose of and need for business analysis and strategic position.
The different forced which affect an organization generally competitive in nature.
Environmental issues and how they affect an organization, in terms of strategic position.

  • Strategic actions.
  • Strategic change management.
  • Organising success and enabling it.
  • Understanding development of strategy.

Strategic Choices.
How an organization is influenced by the corporate strategy.
Methods of development and alternative directions.
Approaching competitive advantages through alternative sources.

  • Information technology.
  • E-business and its principles.
  • E-business applications.

Change In Business Process.

  • Software solutions.
  • Process initiatives and role of process change.
  • Improving organization processes.
  • Project management.
  • Project nature.
  • Leading and managing processes.
  • Controlling projects, managing project and monitoring projects.

Financial Analysis.

  • The connection between finance and strategy.
  • Financial implications of making strategic choices and implementing strategic choices.
  • Decisions of finance to support and formulate business strategy.


  • People and strategy in terms of leadership.
  • People and strategy in terms of job design.
  • People and strategy in terms of staff development.

P series is generally considered hard and ACCA P3 is no exception. In 2011, only 51 percent of the total number of student from the entire world who took this ACCA P3 paper, passed. Therefore, it can be easily concluded that it will not take anything less than your best shot to ace this ACCA P3 paper. Being manual, this exam takes place twice a year, recurring after six months. The exams take place in June and December. Although the course is interesting, somehow, it does not seem to be enough (and so we saw last year). ACCA is hard-core study. You cannot play around and still be a good certified chartered Accountant.

People who are interested in studying about the kind of things mentioned above should buckle up and get ready for a ride of a lifetime, which might be a little bumpy but ultimately WILL get somewhere good.

ACCA, even though moving towards being a trend, is a promising discipline. The world cannot go round without economy. Therefore, it can be said with little effort that accountants and auditors or basically just anyone who has anything to do with accounts and money will not be jobless in this cash oriented world. ACCA P3 is part of your accountant career path.

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