ACCA papers are not easy, as we have usually heard but after the ACCA paper 4 the course and the skill evaluation in the next paper that is the ACCA p5 tougher.

The purpose of ACCA p5 is to make sure that the students who are going towards the professional life should now start looking at the real life situations so that they can learn from previous case studies on how to handle the situation according to the circumstances. The ACCA p5 is said to be the “high level performance management exam” which expects the one taking the exams to have some strategic and managerial approach to the financial management and the performance management of the business to answer the problems related to them.

The exam put all the strategic and managerial approaches and skills into a nut shell by testing the student with the issues related the budget forecasting, performance indicators of the business along with the non-performing indicators of the business. The students need to know how to answer queries in an exam efficiently so that you portray that you are well equipped with knowledge and well-organized when it comes to solving queries. The ability to reproduce in an exam will be the skill that the student learning for ACCA p5 definitely needs to know.

The real world situations in a financial market prepares the accountant to find out where the business has gone wrong or due to which factor the business is growing; the awareness of all such situation will prepare the accountant for forecasting and knowing the factors of how the business performance is evaluated.


During the ACCA p5 the examiners now expect that all those who are taking this exam should have the required skills for performance analysis of the business. Performance analysis in the ACCA p5 will take into notice that the interpretation of data and the strategic approaches to improve the well-being of the business and the good performance of the business may it is a financial or a non-financial activity.

The aim of ACCA p5 is to figure the underlying problems and solve them or at least make an effort to address the performance analysis issues with tactical and operational approach with the appropriate operational business know-how. The costs and benefits of the new proposals in the context of the risk or uncertainties attached to the new project being undertaken and the strategic framework for the project that has minimum risk and maximum profit.

The examiners are also interested in the impact of reward system for the improvement in the performance management. The main aim here is to look at the data and make use of it to figure out the building blocks of the model that has been presented for a project that the business is going to be involved in. So linking the qualitative skills of analysis to the decision making and the performance betterment along with strategic suggestions for a business’s performance is what is learnt by a student during the ACCA p5.

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