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ACCA’s Overview And Description Of Each ACCA Papers.

ACCA Course Description.

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is globally recognized as an accountancy qualification. It has been a symbol of professionalism and quality ensuring that your skills and knowledge are of the top professional standard. ACCA can help in enhancing your reputation and strengthening your marketplace position. Likewise, it was designed to give added value which can be delivered into the finance professionals capable in building a successful career towards all segments; whether they used to work in private or public sectors, working in an accounting firm or maybe pursuing some career in the business.

List Of ACCA Papers.

 ACCA Papers F1  ACCA Papers F5
 ACCA Papers F9
 ACCA Papers P4
 ACCA Papers F2
 ACCA Papers F6
 ACCA Papers P1
 ACCA Papers P5
 ACCA Papers F3
 ACCA Papers F7
 ACCA Papers P2
 ACCA Papers P6
 ACCA Papers F4
 ACCA Papers F8
 ACCA Papers P3
 ACCA Papers P7

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Qualification pushes in the standards of the worldwide accounting standards set by IFAC. A strong focus along ethics, governance and professional values can be seen wherein these skills are necessary as one’s profession moves forward in strengthening the codes of regulation, legislation and conduct- with a growing focus along ethics and professionalism in accounting. This is being examined at the top level in ACCA Qualification and is a core element of one’s practical requirement.

ACCA Papers Benefits.

The ACCA Qualification programme with ACCA papers is offering some benefits for the students and they are as follows:

1- Chance in partaking to a professional career along Finance and Accountancy. If you are a qualified professional of finance, you will earn the respect of your peers. They can even place you in demand with some employers.

2- The ACCA is the greatest accounting body of the professionals around the world with students as well as members in a hundred and seventy countries, and unrivalled offices of the global network and centres in eighty countries.

3- The student body of ACCA is fast growing wherein in a span of eight minutes around the world, one registers to be an ACCA student.

4- The ACCA exists for more than 100 years. During those times, a reputation of quality along qualification as well as training exists which is known all over the world most especially by accountant employers.

ACCA Papers: Course Content.

The Fundamental Level of Qualification is composed of 9 ACCA papers which are divided into 2 subject areas. The ultimate aim of each ACCA paper is briefly discussed below.

ACCA Papers:


1- F1 Business Accountant – Understanding of the business as well its environment and the accounting role as well as the other key functions in the business.

2- F2 Accounting in Management – Preparing and processing the basic cost as well as the quantitative information necessary in supporting decision-making.

3- F3 Accounting in Finance – Underlying concepts and principles of finance accounting including double-entry accounting method use as well as the statement of the basic financial.


1- F4 Business Law and Corporate – Understanding the common legal framework as well as specific legal parts.

2- F5 Management Performance – Application of the techniques of management accounting for decision-making, performance evaluation, planning as well as control.

3- F6 Taxation – Skills and knowledge related to tax system applicable to single company, company groups and individuals.

4- F7 Reporting of Finance – Application of the accounting standards as a preparation for financial statements as well as the analysis and interpretation of the financial statements.

5- F8 Assurance and Audit – Understanding how to carry assurance engagement and the context along professional regulatory.

6- F9 Management Finance – The skills and knowledge expected from a finance manager.

During the fundamental level, there are 9 examinations, 3 for knowledge and 6 for the skills ACCA papers.

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